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THJ Consulting

Dr. Schneider steeped herself in our culture. A very, very different way of doing consulting.

She has created a felt experience that transforms our patients.

  • THJ Consulting Services

    • Grounded Service Design

    • Learning Architecture for Lasting Impact on Internal and External Audiences

      • Group Dynamics Orchestration, including:

      Experiential Retreats, Learning Journeys, Action Events, and Sabbatical Cohorts

Testimonials from Clients and Participants

Dive into some of our recent projects ...

Experience Design for Spiritual Growth in Addiction Recovery

The Result:

A year-long suite of patient-driven activities that put the person in recovery in the driver's seat.

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Learning Architecture for Addressing Manufacturing Staff Social Skill Gaps


For a well-known manufacturing plant, instituted a mentoring and coaching program that would honor, and use as assets, the values of two distinct generational work cultures.

Addressing Grief in the Workplace

>> The Result:

Frontline staff improved skills in being with clients who were grieving even as they were experiencing their own grief.

They created specific ways to teach their co-workers what they had learned as well as more compassionate workplace practices and policies.

Qualitative Analysis of Family Experience of Hospice Services

>> More Consistent Service Quality

More objective understandings of the patient-family experience to precisely tailor service improvements.
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Clients We've Helped

We Can Support Your Mission With ...

Perspective-Shifting Program for High-Value Employees

A change of perspective can reinvigorate your long-term, high value employees' sense of purpose. Ask us about we collaborate with your staff to give them the opportunity for a perspective shift.

Learning Architecture

We identify your clients' and employees' critical learning and growth needs, build the content and methodology, and muscle-up your in-house training capability. 

What might we develop for you?

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