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Learn to Conduct THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Method for Families and Groups



An unforgettable experience of cohesion for groups.

Feeling attuned with one’s family of birth or of choice or support group is the first step toward getting through a hard life transition — for everyone involved.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is a methodology and an innovative set of materials for facilitating groups facing any major life transition in which having the support of the group helps not only a “central” person (such as a patient) but also every other participant in the immediate social system equally. It’s been used in a variety of settings and is loved by practitioners who help others through grief, loss, and transitions of all kinds.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience can take between 45 minutes and 3 hours — depending on what the group can spare.

It offers every participant:

— a felt sense of belonging, with bonds to a deepened commitment to every other member’s well-being as well as one’s own;

— the insight that both past and the present challenge in their life make sense or pattern, making them easier to bear; and

— lasting communication (particularly listening) skills, invaluable for adhering faithfully to a patient’s wishes and to embracing everyone’s differing values and spiritual perspectives as real resources that strengthen the group as a whole. 



People who need people.

A woman in her 80s in bed with a woman a generation younger bending caringly over her. The implication is that the older woman hasn't been well and the younger woman is taking care of her.THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience can help any family feel closer, but its real gifts shine through when you use it with families or support groups who are in a profound transition. 

They may be:

1. Facing end of life;

2. Grappling with a tough new diagnosis;

3. Experiencing changing needs for rehabilitative or memory care; or

4. In the midst of any kind of life cycle change or challenge, such as battling addiction or returning from treatment, incarceration, or military service.

Any situation in which an individual’s status or identity is shifting, and they and their family would benefit from a stronger bond and a chance to reflect, is a fruitful place to use THE HUMAN JOURNEY®


Who conducts THE HUMAN JOURNEY®?

People who need a tool for bringing small groups together.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Method attracts and is appropriate for professionals and volunteers from a wide variety of fields:

Hospice social workers, chaplains, nurses, and administrators  ♦  Bereavement coordinators, grief coaches, and community grief workers  ♦  Therapists in private practice  ♦  Clergy and congregations  ♦  Support group facilitators  ♦  Addiction recovery counselors  ♦  Geriatric care managers  ♦  Medical social workers  ♦  End-of-life doulas  ♦ Compassionate citizens  ♦  Veterinarians


How does THJ actually work?

It's "the non-game game."

THE HUMAN JOURNEY (THJ) is a playful invitation that takes people deep into connection.

From far away, the THJ Experience looks like a game.

Yet, as you conduct the THJ Experience, you see and help create the web of connectivity that grows between each participant and every other, until all are joined together.

THJ is precisely crafted to spin that web through our proprietary blend of narrative facilitation and our expertise in working with group dynamics and nonverbal behavior.


How do we become certified to conduct THJ?

Step 1. Select Your Training Date

You’ll get to engage in live webinar, small-group training with the creator of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® methodology. 

Your start date will be followed by two additional weekly sessions, at the same start times. 

— Sessions 1 & 2 are three hours each.

— Session 1 will prepare you to lead your first Half-Journey over the coming week. 

— Session 2 will prepare you to practice conducting an entire Journey over the coming week. 

— Session 3 runs two hours. This final session gives you the opportunity to put the finishing touches on your experience conducting THJ, supported by personalized expert coaching. 

Step 2. Get ready for your THJ Conductor's Kit and Conductor's Guidebook.

We’ll send you your beautifully produced Conductor’s Kit in its tin box. 

Arriving approximately a week before training begins, your THJ Conductor’s Kit will entice you to play with its three card decks, board, and implements before we even meet. 

You’ll also download and begin reading your Conductor’s Guidebook. We’ll send you instructions for the intriguing preparations you’ll get to do before Session 1.

Step 3. Your Session 1 starts!

You’ll meet online with a small learning group for a live, interactive webinar with THJ® Founder & CEO Sara K. Schneider. You’ll learn how to lead the Journey using this tool that is board game, conversation tool, and living instrument to help families commit to the future, themselves, and each other — all in one.

The live webinar format includes the opportunity for guided practice online with a few friends or together with family members in the weeks between sessions, allowing participants to get live coaching based on their actual experience doing their initial THJ® conducting.

This feature is exclusive to the live webinar format and is a rare opportunity to gain mentoring from the THJ® system’s founder.


What does THJ Conductor Training include?

See all that's included!

You will have an unforgettable small-group training experience, beautifully produced materials, guided practice, and a unique tool for your ongoing work with groups.


We recommend registering, when possible, at least 10 days in advance to allow time for you to receive your THJ Conductor’s Kit and Guidebook. Registration closes five days in advance of the training start date. Registrations two or more months inn advance are eligible for payment plan.

To Keep in Mind

We serve fellow professionals. For that reason, given our proprietary methodology, license and registration sales are final.

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