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Qualitative Analysis & Service Design

Our anthropological expertise in gathering and interpreting your audience's experience helps us pinpoint exactly where we can direct best solutions.

Case Study: Our Work for a Midwestern Hospice​

To what extent are bereaved family members satisfied with the end-of-life care their loved one received?

Engaged by the conscientious director of a medium-sized hospice who doubted whether every patient and family got her hospice’s best care, we conducted depth interviews with staff members — and specifically with surviving family members who had regrets about their loved one’s last days.

From our analysis and reporting, we developed and conducted trainings to address organization-wide communication gaps.

We also designed and facilitated a full-day, cross-functional retreat for hospice staff that would bring them into direct contact with bereaved family members and their first-person perspectives. Staff members collaborated with family members for a patient- and family-focused, and increasingly culturally competent, future of care.

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