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Which of these are you?

You're the CEO or ED of a Hospice or Care Center.

You can help families get off their cell phones and into meaningful engagement with each other.

You're a therapist who knows that the family is a powerful system for enacting change.

You can use a structure that brings even the most reticent or reluctant out and into relationship.

You direct an addiction recovery center.

You can bring families into the recovery process to support patients’ success.

You're clergy trying to keep up with families' needs.

You can train skilled congregational volunteers to provide tested and meaningful family- and support-group care that’s appropriate to their skill level.

Psychotherapists in Private Practice · Chaplains · Social Workers · Music & Art Therapists · Medical Social Workers · Faith Community Nurses · Grief Counselors · Addiction Counselors · Occupational Therapists · Social Service Agency Workers · Geriatric Care Managers · Compassionate Citizens

Let us introduce you to ...

The Game
That Helps Families Through Life Challenges
“Helped me remember what is important in life”

A game, are you serious? We are.

So are our clients now bringing THJ® to families.

We'll train you to take families and support groups there.

How does THE HUMAN JOURNEY® work for families?

(Support groups, too!)

(Pick a card, any card.)

Card decks,

a board and implements

– and a trained THJ® Conductor (that’s you!)

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® has all the trappings of a game, but it is much more like an “experience” …

… like the intimacy you get at 3:00 a.m. while you’re roasting marshmallows on an open fire.

Quick benefits for families

Families gain “takeaways” in less than an hour.

They can also gain more, doing the entire THJ® experience in a single two-hour sitting, or in a series of shorter sessions.

A reliable structure that gets families where you want them to go.

THJ’s® structure is based on a predictable beginning, middle, and end.

We know where families will be by the end of the experience – solid in their ability to rely on each other. 

Especially effective for “non-talkers.”

The most important thing participants are asked to do in THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is be still and listen.

“Non-communicators” actually get their chance to shine.

You can give families an experience like this
through THE HUMAN JOURNEY® experience

Here, speaking in her native language, a mother reflects about the experience of going on THE HUMAN JOURNEY® with four of her adult children.
Her youngest daughter translates for her.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® helps the parent see her adult children in fresh ways and brings alive the family’s positive resources for everyone.

What THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductors say


What we did to create THE HUMAN JOURNEY® ...
... we can do for your organization.

Experience & Service Design

We create distinctive client and customer experiences
branded right to your organization.

Qualitative Analyses

Our anthropological approach to
learning what your clients actually
experience pinpoints just where we can apply solutions.

Learning Architecture

We identify your staff’s and clients’
critical learning and growth needs,
then build out the content and methodology and muscle up your
in-house training capacity.

Workshops and Meetings

We custom design active, multi-dimensional workshops that solidify your staff’s commitment to their profession — and meetings that galvanize employees into action.


About the Founder/CEO of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Founder/CEO Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D., is a performance anthropologist, theatre maker, and organizational consultant and facilitator, with degrees from Yale and NYU, who calls herself “an artist whose medium is groups.” Sara’s books on human performance have been published by Yale University Press, Cuneiform Books, and Pendragon Press. She has published chapters in education, design, anthropology, and medical training books and her insights have been featured on a variety of NPR programs and television and video productions. She consults on organizational and leadership strategy, program development, and learning design to nonprofit, healthcare, and corporate clients and offers experiential training and workshops on professional skills and bringing spirituality into  professional life.