The Game That Helps Groups Hang Together for the Long Haul
“Helped me remember what is important in life”

A game, are you serious? We are.

From suffering, fragmentation, and isolation in the midst of grief and loss …

… to profound belonging,
deep listening,
the ability to find meaning through life’s challenges.

Trained THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductors take families there.

How does THE HUMAN JOURNEY® bring groups together for their future?

  • Promotes true belonging when members feel isolated in their own grief
  • Connects the dots to make meaning in hard times or in the face of loss
  • Invites vulnerability with, and curiosity about, others
  • Helps re-frame the most challenging life experiences as opportunities for meaning
  • Prompts the conversations that matter
  • Provides access to inner resources
  • Makes conversation about spirituality safe
  • Models and seeds asking important questions
  • Teaches listening skills that last
  • Makes visible the best in each person
  • and more

Personal discovery activities help participants draw connections before taking part in deepening levels of engagement with others in the group.


  • Psychotherapists in private practice
  • Hospice Chaplains, Social Workers, Music & Art Therapists, and appropriate volunteers
  • Medical Social Workers
  • Faith Community Nurses
  • Grief Counselors
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Social Service Agency Workers
  • Geriatric Care Managers
  • Peer volunteers with skill in group facilitation
    ... and more

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductors wear multiple “hats” as they guide the group experience forward, typically through both laughter and tears. THE HUMAN JOURNEY’s® structure provides a predictable though always unique experience.

What a family experienced playing THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

Here, a mother reflects in her native language on the experience of going on THE HUMAN JOURNEY® — a full year before — with four of her adult children.
Her youngest daughter translates for her.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® helps the parent see her adult children in fresh ways and brings alive for everyone the family’s positive resources.

Learn to conduct groups through THE HUMAN JOURNEY® experience

What our clients say about THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

Our clients come from a variety of organizations

About the Founder/CEO of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Founder/CEO Sara K. Schneider, Ph.D., is a performance anthropologist, theatre maker, and organizational consultant and facilitator, with degrees from Yale and NYU, who calls herself “an artist whose medium is groups.” Sara’s books on human performance have been published by Yale University Press, Cuneiform Books, and Pendragon Press. She has published chapters in education, design, anthropology, and medical training books, and her insights have been featured on a variety of NPR programs and television and video productions. She consults on organizational and leadership strategy, program development, and learning design to nonprofit, healthcare, and corporate clients and offers experiential training and workshops on professional skills, and bringing spirituality into  professional life.

Skin in the Game Consulting

Experience Design

Experience Design

We will help you create distinctive experiences that are branded to your organization for those you serve, heal, teach, and grow.

Qualitative Analysis of Client & Staff Experience

Qualitative Analysis of Client & Staff Experience

Our anthropological approach to what people actually experience — rather than what we assume they experience — helps identify the real problems that need solutions.

Service Design Recommendations and Partnership

Service Design Recommendations and Partnership

Often emerging from depth interviews, we bring insights, actionable recommendations, and the preparedness to partner with you to evolve the match between what your clients need and what you offer them.

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Meetings that move toward their goal and enduring actions

Learning Architecture

Learning Architecture

We assess learning and growth needs for your staff or clients and develop and deliver content or methods, while building training capacity in your own staff.

Workshops To Renew and Transform Those Who Heal & Serve

Workshops To Renew and Transform Those Who Heal & Serve

We custom-design active workshops that offer your staff experiences that solidify that commitment to their profession.

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