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"Big Idea" Creative Mentoring for Leaders

Business people have all the creativity they need! They do, however, benefit from expert coaching on their ideas.

Theythat is, YOU 😉 — may benefit from guidance to:


distill what’s strongest and most actionable in your  “big Idea”; 

— feel the courage to begin and to consistently act on your idea; 

— articulate your idea to those you need as collaborators to realize your idea within your organization and send it out into the world; and 

— guide implementation through to completion and celebration.  


The Founder of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® methodology and creator of its published game materials, Dr. Sara K. Schneider is a social inventor who has gone through this process dozens of times to establish or produce her own innovations.


She has founded for-profit and nonprofit organizations, invented new products and services across a variety of industries, authored and published books, and written and produced plays in New York. THE HUMAN JOURNEY® has been implemented in settings around the world by practitioners across the professional and volunteer spectrum and across life transitions. It has brought families facing major transitions to new senses of strength, understanding, and meaning in their challenges.


In addition to her work as a creator and collaborator, Dr. Sara has also mentored hundreds of professionals through what it takes to make an idea sing, stand up, and move. She is a quick study within new work settings and is able to “think from within” your work environment to collaborate with you to design  communication and implementation plans. 

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