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Addressing Grief in the Workplace

Early in the pandemic, THJ began offering psychoeducational workshops for front-line workers who were both working with grievers and grieving themselves.

I didn't even realize I have not been giving myself room to grieve. I became a super helper to others, despite my own devastation. I am glad I am learning about how to take care of myself and how to better aid those in grief.”

Being part of this cohort has helped me have a better understanding about grief, how people cope, and how we can help others during difficult situations.

Most important, I learned how to how to navigate / manage my own emotions.

“In It Together” has helped me with stepping back and being supportive to others without being invasive.

The program has helped me personally to reflect on how I can be responsive to myself and others.

This course was gentle and informative.

The skills I am learning around working with those in grief has had both personal and professional gain.

Addressing Grief in the Workplace

The pandemic didn't release Head Start teachers and family support specialists from their essential frontline work. Despite COVID risks, they were out every day, visiting homes with teen parents and their young children.

As Head Start staff tried to be present for clients who were grieving losses during the COVID pandemic, their own losses had had to be backburned.

Our “In It Together” program helped Head Start agency staff members give voice to their losses; learn specific skills for being present with those who are grieving; and, finally make changes in their workplaces so as to be more hospitable and compassionate for all staff.

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