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Experience Design by THJ Consulting

We create memorable and utterly distinctive client, patient, staff, and customer experiences, branded to your organization.

Experience Design with THJ Consulting by Dr. Sara K Schneider

Case Study: Our Work for a Texas Addiction Recovery Network

Dr. Schneider steeped herself in our culture. A very, very different way of doing consulting.

She has created a felt experience that transforms our patients.

A revolutionary experiential, life-as-laboratory curriculum that enables those in recovery to begin practicing the skills of a recovered person.

The Pilgrimage is a year-long suite of core and weekly psychosocial and spiritual growth experiences that, using best practices in adult learning, puts the “Sojourner” in charge of what they learn and when.

It engages the senses, multiple learning styles, and active engagement with critical content that ingeniously incorporates adventure- and arts-based learning within the metaphor of the archetypal pilgrimage we all take to become whole.

In the course of engaging with The Pilgrimage, people in recovery can pick up and practice some of the essential personal habits and interpersonal skills that are characteristically practiced more easily by those without addictions.

The program has allowed our client to achieve consistency across the entire continuum of care under their organization's umbrella so that patients can pick up the program seamlessly as they move along the recovery arc. It thus circumvents one of the danger zones of recovery — the loss of progress as patients transition, and potentially drop out, between levels of care.

How did The Prairie Know to Contact Us?

Having trained to conduct THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience, this multilevel addiction treatment organization wanted to bring us in to create an integrated set of recovery experiences across its inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment centers.


They’d seen what we’d done with THE HUMAN JOURNEY® and wanted us to bring active engagement, psycho-spiritual learning, and total experience design to their work with people recovering from addiction.

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