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How do I become a certified THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor?

In our certification trainings, you'll work directly with the Founder of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®, in a small, highly interactive, live online learning setting.

You'll learn by doing, engaging in guided practice during the training weeks and receiving feedback.

It starts with just three steps.

Step 1. Select your training date.

You'll get to engage in live webinar, small-group training with the creator of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® methodology. 

Your start date will be followed by two additional weekly sessions, at the same start times. 

-- Sessions 1 & 2 are three hours each.

-- Session 1 will prepare you to lead your first Half-Journey over the coming week. 

-- Session 2 will prepare you to practice conducting an entire Journey over the coming week. 

-- Session 3 runs two hours. This final session gives you the opportunity to put the finishing touches on your experience conducting THJ, supported by personalized expert coaching. 

Step 2. Get ready for your Conductor's Kit and Conductor's Guidebook.

We'll send you your beautifully produced Conductor's Kit in its tin box. 

Arriving approximately a week before training begins, your THJ Conductor's Kit will entice you to play with its three card decks, board, and implements before we even meet. 

You'll also download and begin reading your Conductor's Guidebook. We'll send you instructions for the intriguing preparations you'll get to do before Session 1. 

Step 3. Your Session 1 starts!

You’ll meet online with a small learning group for a live, interactive webinar with THJ® Founder & CEO Sara K. Schneider. You’ll learn how to lead the Journey using this tool that is board game, conversation tool, and living instrument to help families commit to the future, themselves, and each other — all in one.

The live webinar format includes the opportunity for guided practice online with a few friends or together with family members in the weeks between sessions, allowing participants to get live coaching based on their actual experience doing their initial THJ® conducting.

This feature is exclusive to the live webinar format and is a rare opportunity to gain mentoring from the THJ® system’s founder.


5. How do I become a certified THJ Conductor?

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