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The connectivity was electric!

THJ® provides a reliable experience
of belonging, meaning, and healthy communication

An inclusive experience

The THJ® method is relevant across cultures and learning styles.

A focus on what matters

Groups learn to ask meaningful questions — and listen for the answers.

Productive communication patterns

The unique facilitation method and solid ground rules land everyone in their adult selves.

The capacity to share decision-making and responsibility

Families are readied to share decisions when in the heart of change.

... in an experience that is ...

Emotionally safe

for even the most reluctant participants

Simultaneously playful and meaningful

The board game brings life and laughter even to difficult subjects.

Structured to lead to a predictable end point

of belonging, insight, and enduring communication skills in an experience participants will never forget

When used with groups facing end of life, THE HUMAN JOURNEY® ...

Lands Families on the Same Page

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® helps families listen for values, while building their strength for engaging in shared decision-making.

Addresses members’ anticipatory grief

The THJ® experience helps families acknowledge realities and share their grief.

Helps Patients Let Go When They Need To

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® gives patients — whether they’re well enough to participate actively or not — a lived experience of the family’s ability to carry on without them at the center.

"In hospice care, they may need THE HUMAN JOURNEY® more than the physical pain relief. "

Dr. Mike Preodor, Executive Director & Medical Director, Horizon Hospice (ret.)

The Ingredients of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

Groups “Get It” Right Away

The Power of Story

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® innovates on the universal hero’s journey to offer participants a soaring experience that places them at the center of the drama.


A trained THJ® Conductor guides and manages the entire experience, providing safe space, modeling, instruction, shaping, and time and experience management.

A Warm Welcome

The invitational method includes people at whatever level they’re ready to participate. And whoever in the group elects to participate are the “right people.”

An experience that works both as a whole and in sections

Participants experience “wins” even if they are only able to participate in a portion of the total experience, while others are able to continue playing in a positive manner.

Autonomy & Choice

Each participant participates at their own level of depth. A variety of structures keep everyone participating at an emotionally comfortable level.

A satisfying beginning, middle, and end

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® guides participants into the experience and provides a satisfying resolution.

Opportunities to engage verbally, visually, or in movement

The multiple-intelligences approach gives participants opportunities to express themselves in the modes in which they’re most comfortable — or to experience the power of trying something new.