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Training and Certification

When you enroll to become a THJ Conductor, you receive:

8 hours of small group instruction

  • Lively instructional sessions with coaching and feedback
  • Live webinar format allows anyone in the world to participate
  • Eight hours spread out in three weekly sessions maximizes group energy

Two guided practices

  • You’ll receive personalized feedback on your work.
  • You’ll learn from your peers’ practices

A private integration session

  • A private touch-base session gives you the chance to ask questions after you've been using THJ® in your professional setting for 30 to 60 days

The comprehensive THJ® Conductor’s Guidebook

  • This thorough, illustrated 50-page Guidebook and Resource Manual includes:
  • How to present and guide the total THJ® experience
  • How to conduct all four phases of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®
  • Deepening your Conducting practice
  • Parlaying what you learn as a THJ® Conductor into your other professional work
  • How to conduct THJ® fully online
  • ... and much more!

The complete Boxed THJ® Conductor’s Kit

  • The THJ® Conductor’s Kit comes in a well-packed slipcover tin box featuring the inspiring THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor's Kit label.
    It includes:
  • The two “Rehearsal-Phase” card decks (108 cards)
  • The Jumbo card deck for the Three Acts of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience (63 cards)
  • All cards are produced on heavyweight, tactile cardstock for hardy repeat use.
  • Fine, glossy 16” labyrinth-styled game board
  • 8 wooden Meeples® implements in 8 different colors
  • Beautiful, marbled six-sided die
"What a magical-looking game! It really is a piece of work."

Theresa Hamilton, Executive Director, Revelstoke Hospice

The complementary THJ® Online Conductor’s Kit

  • The Online THJ® Conductor's Kit includes:
  • Digital versions of the 3 THJ® decks for use on Zoom by THJ® Conductors
  • Digital versions of the labyrinth board to share with families
  • Instruction and practice in conducting the THJ® Experience in the online environment.

How the Process Begins

Step 1.

You’ll get to engage in live-webinar, small-group training with the originator of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®.

Your start date will be followed by two additional weekly sessions, at the exact same start times.

  • Sessions 1 & 2 are 3 hours each.
  • Session 1 will prepare you to practice conducting your first Half-Journey over the coming week.
  • Session 2 will prepare you to practice conducting an entire Journey over that week.
  • Session 3 runs 2 hours. This final session gives you the opportunity to put the finishing touches on your experience practicing conducting THE HUMAN JOURNEY® with live coaching!

Step 2.

Keep your eyes peeled for your special FedEx delivery. In it will be your beautiful, tin-boxed THE HUMAN JOURNEY® physical Conductor’s Kit.

Arriving approximately a week before training begins, your THJ® Conductor’s Kit will entice you to play with its three card decks, board, and implements before we even meet.

You’ll also download and begin reading the THJ® Conductor’s Guidebook. We’ll send you in instructions for the fun preparations you get to do before Session 1.

When you arrive for Session 1, you’ll be well on your way and ready for the context and practice tips you’re going to learn there.

Step 3.

Your Session 1 starts!

You’ll meet online with a small learning group for a live, interactive webinar with THJ® Founder & CEO Sara K. Schneider. You’ll learn how to lead the Journey using this tool that is board game, conversation tool, and living instrument to help families commit to the future, themselves, and each other — all in one.

The live webinar format includes the opportunity for guided practice online with a few friends or together with family members in the weeks between sessions, allowing participants to get live coaching based on their actual experience doing their initial THJ® conducting.

This feature is exclusive to the live webinar format and is a rare opportunity to gain mentoring from the THJ® system’s founder.

Registration is limited for each training to maintain a meaningful interactive training experience.

Please contact us if you have a group interested in training and would like to arrange a custom set of training dates.


You can present yourself as a Certified THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor upon satisfactory completion of our public trainings.

Level 1: THJ® Journeyman Conductor

Public Level 1 Trainings

  • You may display THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Certified Conductor Level 1 logo on your individual practitioner site (with satisfactory completion of training).
  • You are licensed to conduct Journeys using our methodology.
  • You are free to set your own Conductor fees.
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Level 2: THJ® Master Conductor

Demonstration of Deepening Expertise

  • All of Level 1 Benefits, and:
  • You can display THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Certified Conductor Level 2 logo on your individual practitioner site (with satisfactory completion of Master Conductor-level requirements)
  • You have the opportunity to have work profiled in THJ® newsletter
  • You're eligible to assist in THJ® Conductor Trainings