From the “here” of suffering, isolation, and fragmentation
to the
“there” of togetherness, meaning, and deep listening.

When a family, family of choice, or support group faces a big change, loss, or decision —

 or when an individual would benefit from knowing the group is “with” them in the deepest way

— Take them on THE HUMAN JOURNEY®.


I want to bring THE HUMAN JOURNEY® to my organization.


I want to become a THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor.

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THJ’s® response to COVID-19

A new way of bridging the barriers and bringing families together

An improved method of helping families

… And a training model in which you learn by doing.

Discounts for COVID-19 responders

Racial Justice at THJ®

An edition to bring communities and police into partnership

From a trainee’s suggestion

And our previous experience in law enforcement and the community …

Introducing our work toward THE HUMAN JOURNEY®: Peace & Justice Edition

What Our clients say

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® trains professionals in a structure that can be used with families or small groups, to help members relate to their own and to one another’s histories in new ways.
Sara is a talented teacher and facilitator, and the Conductor’s Kit materials are thoughtful, beautifully constructed, and in-depth.

Libby Bachhuber, MA, LCSW, psychotherapist

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® opens the doors of the heart for others.
Tessa McEwen, AM, LSW
Tessa McEwen, AM, LSWSocial Worker, University of Chicago Medicine
A powerful and healing game for families.
Dr. Saul Ebema
Dr. Saul EbemaFounder, The Hospice Chaplaincy Institute
Participants can identify the level of openness, vulnerability, and sharing that feel right to them.
THJ® Conductor
A brilliantly crafted tool that blends the arts, psychology, philosophy, and other disciplines that will assist families and groups find their way to open dialogue and powerful decision-making!
Scott D. Pytluk, PhD, ABPP
Scott D. Pytluk, PhD, ABPPPsychologist
I loved the full arc. I was amazed at how quickly the participants went deep and how they were struck by how “great these questions are!” at every turn.
Dr. Kara Grasso
Dr. Kara GrassoPeriodontist and Coach
A worthwhile training for anyone helping groups bond & self-cultivate—not just licensed therapists.
Matthew J. Smith, MA, LCPC
Matthew J. Smith, MA, LCPCFounding Director, Amalgam Care
It allows me to feel closer not only to the participants but to humanity as a whole.
Robert Veeder
Robert VeederAddiction Coach


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