The Ingredients of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

Groups “Get It” Right Away

The Power of Story

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® innovates on the universal hero’s journey to offer participants a soaring experience that places them at the center of the drama.


A trained THJ® Conductor guides and manages the entire experience, providing safe space, modeling, instruction, shaping, and time and experience management.

A Warm Welcome

The invitational method includes people at whatever level they’re ready to participate. And whoever in the group elects to participate are the “right people.”

An experience that works both as a whole and in sections

Participants experience “wins” even if they are only able to participate in a portion of the total experience, while others are able to continue playing in a positive manner.

Autonomy & Choice

Each participant participates at their own level of depth. A variety of structures keep everyone participating at an emotionally comfortable level.

A satisfying beginning, middle, and end

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® guides participants into the experience and provides a satisfying resolution.

Opportunities to engage verbally, visually, or in movement

The multiple-intelligences approach gives participants opportunities to express themselves in the modes in which they’re most comfortable — or to experience the power of trying something new.

With THJ® Training, You Receive:


  • The boxed THJ® Conductor’s Kit comes in a slip-cover tin box featuring the inspiring THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor's Kit label.
    It includes:
  • The two “Rehearsal-Phase” card decks (108 cards)
  • The Jumbo card deck for the Three Acts of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience (63 cards)
  • All cards are produced on heavyweight, tactile cardstock for hardy repeat use.
  • Fine, glossy 18” labyrinth-styled game board
  • 8 wooden Meeples® implements in 8 different colors
  • Beautiful, marbled six-sided die

THJ® can be conducted over Zoom!

  • The Online THJ® Conductor's Kit is included with the Training Package.
  • Digital versions of the 3 THJ® decks for use on Zoom by THJ® Conductors
  • Digital versions of the labyrinth board to share with families

Train to bring THJ® experience to families

The THJ® Conductor’s Guidebook Accompanies Your Kit

  • This thorough, illustrated 50-page Guidebook and Resource Manual includes:
  • How to present and guide the total THJ® experience
  • How to conduct all four phases of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®
  • Deepening your Conducting practice
  • Parlaying what you learn as a THJ® Conductor into your other professional work
  • How to conduct THJ® fully online
  • ... and much more!


How long does THE HUMAN JOURNEY® experience typically take?

It typically takes about two hours to complete THE HUMAN JOURNEY® experience with a group. Conductors are trained also to be able to provide value in a much shorter period of time, about 30-45 minutes, if that is all the group has.

Therapists who use THE HUMAN JOURNEY® in their practice will find the experience divides neatly into three sections that can be completed in three conventional sessions.

Who has trained to conduct THE HUMAN JOURNEY®?

• Therapists in private practice
• Chaplains
• Addictions counselors
• Hospice social workers, chaplains, nurses, and administrators
• Geriatric care managers
• Medical social workers
• Volunteers with facilitation skills
It’s also appropriate for expressive arts and occupational therapists.

How hard is it to learn to conduct THE HUMAN JOURNEY®?

It’s not hard! The process is very engaging and you’ll learn a great deal about yourself along the way.

Between Sessions 1 and 2 you’ll have a chance to practice a “Half Journey,” and between Sessions 2 and 3, you’ll conduct a full Journey.

Between your two practices, Sara’s instruction, and having the Conductor’s Guidebook as a reference manual, you’ll have everything you need to be successful.

I'm not a therapist, but I'd still like to provide this experience for families or groups. Can I still train?

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is designed to be conducted by people who can do two things: hold space warmly for small groups of between two and six people, and be firm in helping people stick to the ground rules of the experience. That combination of warmth and firmness can be found in others besides therapists! We’ve trained Conductors who are volunteers as well as people who work in geriatric care management, administration, nursing, and spiritual counseling.

Those who have been teachers, consultants, facilitators, yoga teachers, or coaches would be likely to be “naturals,” but if you have the twin skills of “holding space” and “holding firm,” you’ll be successful as a THJ® Conductor.

Is there a minimum age that's appropriate to play?

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® was designed with adult participants in mind. However, mature adolescents can also take part.

This is largely a question of attention span, not of the content of the experience itself.

If you're conducting THE HUMAN JOURNEY® in a hospice setting, is the patient supposed to play?

We recommend that, where possible, THE HUMAN JOURNEY® be played in the patient’s presence. It’s great when the patient is well enough to take part, but she or he will still gain benefit by being in the presence of others playing.

What if someone in the family or group doesn't want to participate?

No problem! Our philosophy is that whoever wants to take part are the right people to do it. THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is invitational, meaning it invites people to participate, and to continue participating, without coercion. It has many “safeties” built in to make participating, for as long as each participant elects to, easy and without judgment. Sometimes people want to start out just sitting on the sidelines, and that’s fine, too.

Is THE HUMAN JOURNEY® just for hospice? I see a lot about hospice here.

Not at all! THE HUMAN JOURNEY® helps any group that needs to reckon with a loved one’s changes come together. While it was developed in consultation with hospices, it’s helping folks in a variety of settings.