THJ Consulting

At THE HUMAN JOURNEY (THJ), we understand journeys.

We take people from their "here" to a desired "there."

Everyone goes on journeys






Clients We've Helped

Our consulting work stems from our expertise across the social sciences, artistic disciplines, and adult learning. 

We always bring our empathy for the experience of the service recipient to bear as we help our clients design and improve services, along with staff and customer learning.

Many Consultants Do Just the Analytic Piece

THJ Consulting is Analytical & Creative

Few have the combination of the anthropological background and the creative vision to be able to do it all in-house. 

Some of Our Favorite Projects

Experience Design for Spiritual Growth in Addiction Recovery

The Result:

A year-long suite of patient-driven activities that put the person in recovery in the driver's seat.
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Qualitative Analysis of Family Experience of Hospice Services

>> More Consistent Service Quality

More objective understandings of the patient-family experience to precisely tailor service improvements.
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Learning Architecture for Addressing Staff Social Skill Gaps


For a well-known manufacturing plant, instituted a mentoring and coaching program that would honor, and use as assets, the values of two distinct generational work cultures.
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What might we develop for you?

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