Are you experiencing Pastor Burnout?

You're in good company during this time of widespread grief and loss.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is an out-of-the-box solution to both family needs for clinical pastoral care and pastor burnout.

Tell me about THE HUMAN JOURNEY® methodology!

Clergy may elect to bring in appropriate congregational volunteers to train alongside, or after them, to support families in grief, loss, and life transition and to extend the possibilities of pastoral care.


"THE HUMAN JOURNEY® is a phenomenal experience that can really open up lines of communication. I truly think it's incredible!"

- Janell McBoom, Joliet Area Community Hospice

"Powerful and healing for families."

- Dr. Saul Ebema, Founder, The Hospice Chaplaincy Institute

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"THE HUMAN JOURNEY® helped the group make collective sense of each other."

- JP Kendrick, The Prairie Recovery Center

A transformational experience of healing and growth for small groups of up to 6 to 8.


Whether experienced in a single sitting or spread out, THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience brings insight, the ability to listen for deeply held values, and a profound sense of belonging.

THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience helps sustain families and support groups through life’s challenges by subtly framing each person’s story within the universal narrative that makes us human.

 Designed to require moderate facilitation skills, THE HUMAN JOURNEY® eases pastor burnout by providing appropriate congregational members with a reliable, structured tool to distribute the work of pastoral care and counseling for families facing grief, loss, and life transitions.

In THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Conductor Training, you will learn to:

  • Guide participants through the unfolding of a universal narrative;
  • Practice THE HUMAN JOURNEY’s® unique form of narrative facilitation, using the THJ Experience's ingenious structure to bring cohesion and hope to participants’ current challenge;
  • Teach and reinforce the listening skills required of participants;
  • Promote open interspiritual dialogue;
  • Recognize your own predispositions, experiences, and spiritual biases, in order to provide a neutral environment for a possibly diverse group of others;
  • Maintain safety for all participants and hold to the ground rules that free them of long-engrained family roles and patterns;
  • Match your facilitation style to the learning styles and governing imagery of the participants;
  • Create a frame around the THJ Experience for maximum memorability and long-lasting impact; and
  • Make THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience equally meaningful, whether you conduct it in person or online.

As a clergy or congregation member, you will also:

  • Build strength and skill in group facilitation as you get personalized feedback and goal-setting on your active practice conducting THE HUMAN JOURNEY® during the training weeks.
  • Gain insights on your own family formation as you practice facilitating the THE HUMAN JOURNEY® Experience for others.
  • Learn to supervise the work of lay facilitators to improve congregational care and counseling.
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The physical THE HUMAN JOURNEY's® Conductor's Kit shipped directly to you

And online Conducting materials made available to you directly, along with our comprehensive THJ Conductor's Guidebook.

Our effective and beautifully produced Conductor's Kit is sturdy and intended to be used again and again.

8 hours of live-webinar, small-group instruction with Dr. Sara K. Schneider, the Founder of THE HUMAN JOURNEY®

During our three live-webinar training sessions, you have personal contact with Dr. Schneider.

She not only supports your learning of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® system, but brings her experience in guiding professionals' growth to helping you set and achieve your own goals for your practice of THJ.

You become certified based on your actual practice.

During the training period, you do two practices and receive personalized feedback.

By the time you complete training, you are already skilled!

And a month out, you also get a bonus private follow-up session to refine your practice in your work context.

This is sounding good!