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We Are Giving Away 4 Journeys!


THJ® has a special offer for those who have been wanting a direct experience of THJ® in order to make that final decision as to whether they want to make THJ® part of what their organization offers its clients, patients, congregational members, or the community.

During February and March, we will be giving away FOUR sessions in which you and your staff, or you and your family, get to experience either:

The COMPLETE THE HUMAN JOURNEY® cycle (for you and up to 5 family members or close friends) OR

The first half of THE HUMAN JOURNEY® with secrets behind the entire experience (appropriate for work teams to experience together)

Those who qualify must be:

Executive directors or decision leaders with budgetary authority in their organizations who are looking for a tool to bring small groups such as family members, support groups, or congregational members together.

To apply for this giveaway, please contact us at with a paragraph telling us about your role in your organization and how you see THJ® fitting in with the client-facing services your organization offers.

We look forward to taking you and your work team or “home team” on the Journey!